Humidifier VS Fogger


but personally I like my humidifier setup. I live in the northeast and it is very dry here in the winter. When I had Luna I used this daily and was able to control the amount of mist and had it on a timer. She loved it, would just sit under it for hours!:D It is also very easy to clean. I hear stories about foggers breaking, difficult to keep clean and other limitations. You can see pics of the setup here.
humidifier setup

I have a sunbeam model, bought about $5 worth of PVC pipe at depot. If you go with the humidifier get one with a standard 1" or 2" opening so that you can get PVC to fit.
it also depends on the size of the cage and species. Another humidifier idead is to run the PVC along the top horizontally with sevral holes drilled so the mist comes out in several places. I know folks with multiple cages next to each other often set them up that way

hope this helps!
I agree...

In my opinion, humifiers are much more "maintence free" and dependable. I had a fogger and whenever there was even the slightest breeze, it messed up the alignment of fog. They may have the cooler effects, but humidifiers are more effective.

Like Lele suggested, she has a 'cool mist" humifier. PVC piping is neccesary to attach to the humifier, as cool mist falls and warm mist rises. Myself- I have a Duracraft 'warm mist' humidifer. I place at at the bottom of the cage, because the mist rises and it does an awesome job of keeping the entire cage moist. Chameleons tend to enjoy "basking" in the warm mist- It sort of resembles rainforest steam. Either way, both are great humifiers.

(Duracraft 'warm mist' humdifier posted below)
Hi,I've got a humidifier similar to that of lele's that I had never tried on chameleons,can I have some suggestions on the times set on and the length of those periods?
It's a veiled that I have and I guess it's not so depended on humidity but I think it would be beneficial..
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