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I just went and bought an ultrasonic humidifier. It's super quiet and puts out a lot of moisture. I have a pvc pipe that sits above the machines vent and has 4 small holes drilled along the pipe that go into the cage. My little guy so far seems to love it and seems to be happier.
The humidity stays at about 60-70.
I use only distilled water bc this type of humidifier will make a white dust if hard water is used.

Just thought Id share.


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How much was it and what did it require to make? Curious.. I have one chameleon that seems to need a much higher humidity level....
Nice! Seems like a nice setup. I was also wondering how much that would cost since I am looking for a setup like that. Thanks.
I got the humidifier at walmart for 28 bucks. I got the 2 gal ultrasonic. You can control the humidity and the air flow. I have a 4 foot tube and before I drilled any holes the humidifier could easily puff smoke out the top--so you can think of a number of different ways to channel the flow into the cage that is more innovative than mine.
The only problem that I have encountered so far is that moisture builds up on the screen from where the holes are drilled. Not a problem if you have an aluminum cage, but mine is wood. I will probable make tiny holes in the screen and just connect straws to the pvc to bypass the screen.

The thing I love best about it is it uses hardly any elec. and doesn't makes make any noise. Im curious to how long it can run on two gals. On the low setting I think I can get 30+ hours.
The humidifier comes on when the lighs come on in the morning and turns off at night when the lights go about 11 hours each day.
So far its gone about 35 hours on 1gal, with half a tank left--pretty good.
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