How would they know there veggies?


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This might be a stupid question but how would they know how to tell apart real plants and fake plants(the kind we use in our enclosures).
i heard veileds eat veggies to but i was wondering how they would tell the diff between the 2?
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Not sure if they can tell a difference from afar, but once they take a small little taste I'm sure they figure it out ;)

Go with the real plants if at all possible (which is usually the case). They are better for your cham, look nicer, and are even cheaper than fake plants.


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Yea, I have a Hibiscus (which they love) and a Golden Schefflera with a few fake vines and plants. I've seen them try and take a bite out of the fake plants so I guess they wouldn't know until they tasted them :p. They make quite a ruckus when they are eating the hibiscus though. They take a bite and pull back until a peice breaks, sometimes it looks like they are gonna get slingshotted across the cage when the plant flings back lol.
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