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I have a nice digital camera and when I try to take pictures of my 3 month old cham all the pictures come out too blurry when the camera is close, but when it is far away he is too small to see in the pictures. How do you guys get good pictures of your little ones?
I take far away pics to get a good quality and then i zoom it in on the camera. I have a newer olympus.

Try taking multiple photos while backing away in-between. I don't know what your camera's close-up spec is so just start at about 1 foot away and back-off a couple of inches between shots. If you don't use any lens zoom, you'll preserve whatever depth of field you have. That means more of the image will be in focus. Your depth of field may only be an inch or two close-up. Use your PC software to edit/crop/zoom the image. You can do a lot of digital zooming when your original image has 5+ megapixels.

This was actually shot through the screen.

The original photo was taken with no zoom and then zoomed in about 25% after-the-fact on my PC.

This is the same shot zoomed in on my PC a whole lot more!

I use an old Canon Digital Rebel 6.3MP. The newer Rebel XTi is 10.1MP
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