how to safely remove mold?


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Sup everybody. :)

In my pygmy tank everything is running smooth, and the springtails are doing their job very well. Quite amazing to see them knock something out in a few days. :D There is one small (nickle size) area on my wood centerpiece (hardwood, I think cedar but not sure) of white fungus that they must not like to eat because its always there. I hardly grows, just slowly spreads. I removed it once with a brush, but it came back. Is there a safe way to get rid of the fungus there? I've been keeping that area dry, but that's not really working.

I'll add that this fungus only annoys me visually, other that that (because it stays small) it gives me no other issues. But, I'd still like it gone non-the-less. :D
I use white vinegar in all of my cages for cleaning, it will kill mold.
Can you maybe find a pet friendly wood sealant that should keep it from growing anymore since aire can't get to it for the spores to grow
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