How to safely clean pickle bucket?


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I purchased a 5 gallon pickle bucket from Firehouse Subs for $2 yesterday. It is awesome, sturdy & with a sealing lid. However, after washing wish regular dish soap and hot water, it still smells of pickle juice.

As it is my water reservoir for my MistKing, every time I mist, my room smells of pickles. As amusing as this is, I would like to remove the smell.

Would it be safe to clean the bucket with diluted bleach? Or perhaps there is another cleaning solution that I might use.
i have never been able to clear out pickle odors, even from glass jars.

i would just go to Home Depot and get one of their 5 gallon buckets for $2.30. they have the lids too. i think it’s better than using a ton of chemicals or deodorizers on what’s being used as the complete drinking source. but enjoy the pickles! :)
Maybe try "baking" the odor out by leaving the bucket in the sun for some time.
It may or may not work, but it's worth a try.:)
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