How to keep consistent basking temp


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Hey guys. When the lights go on in the mornning, the basking spot is between 80-85 degrees, but when I come home after work the temp is in the mid 90s, I thinks it's alittle high for a 3-4 old carpet Cham.
What do you think will help keep the basking spot a consistent 80-85 degrees. Thanks
This is pretty normal. I would use a bulb that is not as strong if you want to have a less intense basking temp in the afternoon. As your enclosure heats up the intensity of the bulb will be higher. (heating warmer air will cause higher temps) Also, make sure you've got a good temperature gradient for your cham to decide what temp is correct. ;)
Thanks for the quick respond guys.
I have a dimmer on the basking light so that's help control the basking temp. But I think I'm going to have to get a small room cooler or a/c unit, to keep the room a consistent temp. What do guys think of that idea?
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