How to keep baby supers, babies


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I need a replacement for something the size of a 3/4" cricket since my roach colony cant put the 3-4 babies i need per day for long.. Adult supers are way too big, and meal worms are like 1/2-1/3 the weight of the cricket and my guy doesnt even look at them.

If i get some baby superworms, how can i keep them small for a couple of months? Maybe keep them at 55-65F since they cant be in the fridge?
how many do you go through a week? If not that many, just buy the small ones from the pet stores in small quantities.
Supers grow at a slow rate, and it sounds like you would go through enough per day that if you bought the smaller ones from Great Lake Hornworm you wouldn't have a problem of them getting to big.
I have had a small batch of small supers for a while now, and they haven't grown a whole lot. I just threw in a chunk of bug burger food and it is now covered with much for attempting to feed them.
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