how to go about attaching branches?

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  1. bryceoneal

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    so i have plants coming in the mail and when they arrive i’m going to be redoing his vines and making them more horizontal but i’d like to add branches, except i don’t know how to get them in there and have them be nice and horizontal, does anyone have any tips? i use fishing line for the vines which is great but i just don’t know about the branches
    also if anyone can link me to good and (preferably) cheap branches i could use that’d be great! his cage is 18 inches wide x18 inches deep so that length is what i’m looking for
  2. ERKleRose

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    Thumb tacks or nails or screws, zip ties, fishing line, magnets
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  3. bryceoneal

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    thank you! i’ll probably use thumb tacks that seems like the easiest option
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  4. I use thumb tacks they come out often if you don’t use enough and I’ve come home to exposed points due to it falling off during the day now I use wire bread ties that you get out the garbage bag box
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  5. bryceoneal

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    but how do you attach them to the branch/screen? drill a hole through the wood?
  6. Sorry just really read the above,for my bird sticks I use horizontally the bread ties don’t work I drive a small nail in the center take the nail out before hand than just stick it in thru the screen as needed (with the same nail)
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  7. Brodybreaux25

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    Just cut the branch to fit the width of where it will be installed and take a tiny screw with a washer and screw it into the branch from the outside of your viv. Much sturdier than a tack and shouldn’t ruin your screen.
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