How to get Chameleon to Cup Feed


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So I have been struggling to get my cham to Cup Feed. I have the cup positioned in his cage where he can access it easily and sometimes he eats from it and other times he doesn't any tips to get him to start cup feeding?


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If he is eating from it already I wouldn't worry. My chameleon took a few weeks to fully adjust to the feeder. Now she hangs out right by it almost every morning waiting for food. Crickets I let her hunt for just dump them on a leaf in her enclosure.


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Cup feeding is really helpful, but it comes in time. My cham used to see me grab her cup to fill it, and if I didn't go fast enough, she would sit right where the cup sat waiting for her food. The more you use the cup, the better and more comfortable your cham will get. I also did cup/hand feeding with my cham, so I held the cup outside of her cage and she came out and ate from it. After a while she would perch on the cup edge when she was hungry, so practice really does make perfect.


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Thanks guys. I worry about free ranging crickets because I know they can bite so the only feeders I free range or Blue Bottle Flies and Silkworms and Hornworms. Also should I put more enticing food in there like Superworms to get him to adjust to it faster or give it time?
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