How to control the temperature of the hatch ~

Jian Zhang

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My baby Veiled Chameleon was born in April.
I am very happy.
I usually raise my temperature once every two months. the temperature is from 26°C to 30°C(about 79°F to 86°F).

But I found a question that the female chameleons is much more than the males.
I 'd like to know if I want to have more male chameleons, how could I to keep the hatching temperature ?

Besides , If i want to get more male baby pather chameleons, too. How should I keep the temperature.
Thanks a lot.
Waiting for your reply.
Hello Jian! Way to go, I was wondering how your clutches of eggs had turned out! Unfortunately for you, there is no way to control the number of males/females in a clutch, unlike leopard geckos for example. It is just the luck of the draw....same goes for veileds! Good luck with your babies...I'd love to be able to come by your house one day to check them out!
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