How to connect wire cage to sink


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows how I should connect my aluminum screen cage to a utility sink. I'm figuring since the cage is pretty light that I ought to somehow connect it to the utility sink. Not sure how. Also, would I have to silicone the edges so feeders don't escape? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Personally, I recommend that you don't attach it. I will make cleaning a lot easier if you can take it off fast. Also the weight of branches and lights add to the weight of the structure.

If you are cup feeding you shouldn't have many escapees.

However if you insist on adding something, here are a few ideas I pondered while designing mine:

1) attaching squeegie bottoms, or thick plastic strips to the bottom of the aluminum cage so that when it sits on the platform the plastic strips lie flush on the bottom of the cage.

2) Duck Tape -temporarily -though this might pull of the paint on your aluminum frame.

3) Bolts coming up from the bottom with butterfly nuts- This would be a royal pain in the ass to make work...

Good luck,
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