How to attach vines


I got a new cage for my veiled and it needs a lot more vines and the method I use for attaching them to the cage is just tying it to the wall with chicken wire and I was curious to see what other people to with their mesh enclosures
Here’s a picture of skooter just for fun
I build a 3 or 4 stick structure that pushes out to the sides but not enough to warp the cage. These sticks are held together using zip ties and the branches converge in the middle and run from top to bottom. Then I use horizontal sticks to push the main ones out for strength and walk ways. After it feels stable I keep adding sticks until it looks the way I want. I use zip ties for all these but make sure you do a flush cut at the locking point or else it may leave sharp edges that can cut their feet. I also try to twist that part to the bottom of the branch where it it unlikely their feet will touch it.

I hate putting holes in the cage and I have not purchased the dragon ledges like I should. My wife gets pretty upset if there are crickets outside of the cage.
Zip ties for me. In my opinion its easy enough to replace the screens on these cages so I dont mind poking a few holes through it. I've had to rearrange my chams cage twice in 2 years (almost 3 years) and the left over holes are tiny enough that no bugs escape and they are not aesthetically unpleasing at the moment.

If I have to do another revamp of the cage, I'll probably replace the screen.
I used heavy duty fishing wire and the occasional superglue with zip ties. Depending on how many knots you put and how well you tie them they’ll stay there until you cut them off
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