How old is Reptar? and am i caring for my chameleon okay? :)


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I wanna say Reptar (Veiled Chameleon) is about 5-6 months old, im not entirely sure when he was bred. He's in a large enclosure now, in the beginning i was dusting and gut loading his crickets with calcium + D3 daily, that was until i asked a question on the forums and was told to just use calcium and the d3 was only twice a month or so. before when i was giving him calcium + D3 he was molting a lot probably every other week more or less, and since moving him to a larger enclosure, hes grown in size but hasnt molted once since moving him. i gave him his monthly supplement of d3 and BAM starts molting the next day, not sure which was better, when he was molting more frequently or not? but yeah ive attached some pics of him an estimate on his age and other questions i have would be cool


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Can't really tell but is that a glass enclosure? If so, you should switch to a screened enclosure.

What's the ambient temp of the cage?
What's the basking temp of the cage?
What kind of lights are you using? I see a heat lamp it looks like? Do you have a linear UVB lamp as well? You need that asap if not.
How often do you mist?
What's the humidity?
What's the fecal matter look like?
Do you feed a variety of feeders?

These are all things that we'd need to know if you're caring for your cham sufficiently.


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Can't really tell but is that a glass enclosure? If so, you should switch to a screened enclosure.

From the screen build, it looks like an exo terra terrarium, which is completely fine. Glass is not bad.

If you're curious on what we think about the set up, feel free to post up more pictures and information :)

He looks pretty good to me. If I were to (guess) if say 7 or 8 months.

Yes it's true that you should be using pain calcium every feeding and d3 only once a month. Less frequent shedding happens when they start to get older. Once a month or so is about normal.


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yeah thats what people say about the enclosure, but ive checked and confirmed that its okay, the area i live in gets really hot and the AC running would interfere with the temperature of the enclosure a lot, but it has screens on the side that is a little less than half the cage, as well as the top is screened, the temperature gets from 70 to mid 80's, and when under the UVB bulbs its about its highest of 87 id say, and humidity i keep from 50-70 im not sure the unit of measurement for humidity but the humidity gauge i keep between those levels and the live plant inside helps keep it at that, i mist at least 3-4 times a day the entire area of the enclosure leaves, sides etc.
his fecal matter is dark and white, i guess its brown or black, too dark to tell, but its half dark and half white, and as for feeders im trying to find other things he can eat but i gut load crickets and dust them with calcium and d3(twice now) and he eats the pathos plant,

and to @sticktongue it isnt an exo terra terrarium but the Reptile Room here where i live custom builds them for reptiles, and i will post more photos, does he look healthy otherwise? :D
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