How old does my veiled look?


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Hi, everybody. I've been browsing your forums for a few weeks now, and I got my new baby about a week ago so I decided to join and ask for some advice. First off, I got my chameleon from a couple that a vaguely knew from high school. I was told that the chameleon was guessed to be female and about 6 months old. When I showed pictures to a clerk at a pet store I was told that it was male and around a year old. I'm not sure which is true but I want to take the best care if him/her possible so I thought I'd get some opinions. I was also give waxworms as food, but I read that they shouldn't be given daily and rather as treats so I've been feeding gut loaded crickets. I have a lot of questions haha, but for now, how old do you think my baby is?

Sorry if the pics are too big, I'm using my phone


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Because it does not have clearly marked bands or stripes, I will tell you that it is a female Veiled. I cannot really see how big it is, I am unsure if that is a small or large person holding it. Lets assume they are at least average sized, that chameleon must be around 10-12" in length, a decent size for a female.It may grow larger, but may stay around that size. That puts it at around a year in age, if not more. Once chameleons are around adult size, it is really hard to tell the age. The size of the crest is another indicator of gender, smaller crest or veil points to being female. This can further be confirmed by checking the rear paws. If there is a small nub or toe behind where the heel would be, then it is a male. When there is no nub, it is generally a female.

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If the veiled chameleon has tarsal spurs then it's a male. If it does not then it's a female. You can find some tarsal spur photos on the veiled chameleon caresheet linked below and throughout the site with a simple search. It is important to note that panthers and most other chameleon species don't have tarsal spurs regardless of sex.
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