How Old Can A Female Veiled Go Receptive


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My female veiled chameleon is an estimated 3-4 months old and yesterday and today she has been showing different colors than usual. shes darker, she has like, dark vertical stripes all along her body and then one light greenish horizontal stripe through each of those stripes. I was wondering if these could be receptive colors? I cant get a good picture of her taken right now because my digital camera broke and all i have is a phone camera that sucks. but ill try and upload one as soon as possible. if anyone can tell me anything from what i just said than thanks :) and if you need anymore information just ask :)

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Those are most likely her angry 'leave me alone' colours. Receptive colouring is bright blue spots and gold/yellow markings. Mine got her big girl colours at around 6 months.


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I haven't been around her or anything, so i don't understand why she would be stressed all of a sudden :/ but your probably right.

but here are some crappy pictures:


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well i covered her cage so that she wont be bothered by any more outside stimuli so maybe that will help calm her down and relax her


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If you over feed them and keep them to warm that can lay and die BEFORE 6 months old. :(
You might find my egg laying blog helpful.

I actually have read you blog before because i was really worried about the whole egg laying thing, (when i got her they said she was a male but i ended up with a female but i wasn't just going to return her because of that) so when i was doing research on egg laying i came across your blog and Lynda's and read them and reread them lol.

I do keep her temp lower but i haven't cut back on her food yet since shes only 3 months. Very helpful stuff.
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