How often should I feed my veiled chameleon?

I have a chameleon that is almost a year old now and I noticed he has been eating a lot less compared to a few months ago when he ate everything in site. How often and how much should I feed him now?


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7-10 large crickets dusted and gutloaded every other day
Ya, take that as an average.
Ofcourse it doesn't have to be crickets, can also be dubia, locust or phoenixworms for example. Better yet mix it up a little, let him get a taste of as many different feeders you can get your hands on. (With some folk that come here recently its better to be extra clear. Before you know it someone is angry because we didnt say its ok to feed dubia... :coffee:)

If he starts to he a douche about it feel free to let him go a bit hungry for a few days... (Well a few days wont really make him hungry but he may appreciate food lill more after that.)
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