How Much To Feed?


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Question... how much can u feed them? I usually put like 12-15 crickets at a time... usually 2x a day... so... lets say 25 in total roughly... is that too much? will chameleons overeat and get fat? I have read that you just toss in a bunch... let there always be some roaming the cage... is that correct?
Assuming he is around 8" I would say that is a excessive. 12-15 1/4" crickets once a day seems about right to me. Veileds especially will over eat if allowed too. At that age he will probably not get fat. Impaction would seem more likely though and that is not good. If feed alot they will grow fast. To fast and can develop MBD. These do not seem to be signifigant cases most of the time but still may have some bone abnormalities as an adult. I would just go with the one feeding of the amount you are doing now. I do all mine in one feeding. You can break it up into two sessions if you like it. Make sure that he has a signifigant amount of day light left with the last feeding or again he may have a problem with impaction.
Are you feeding him the biggest cricket he can eat?...The size he should be eating is equal to the width of his head. 25 a Day is not uncommon during growths spurts..once he reaches adulthood he will usually eat less than 10.
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