how much to feed veiled chameleon


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hi i have been feeding my veiled chameleon 10-20 small 5mm crickets aday but still seems hungry do i keep feeding them??

message passed on by my cousin in uk thanks
As much as he will eat within a few minutes. A few times a day. Early morning and afternoon are good times. So proper food digestion can occur
well how old is the cham ?? n is it a male or female? If you have a baby they will eat alot. And if you have a female and she is reaching maturity u need to slow down her feeding. And if u have a mature male u dont want him to get chubby so be careful don't just keep feeding... And u should be feeding more than just crickets.. mix it up, horn worms, butter worms, maybe some roaches :D good luck with ur new cham.
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