how many feedings?


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hi everyone, i was just wondering how many times a day should i be feeding my baby panther chameleon? and how many feeders i should offer each feeding? i been reading differnt things about how many feedings a day and how much i feed him that im becoming unsure of what is true. can anyone help me?:confused:
It depends more on age and a few other factors. You should probably fill out the how to ask for help form in the health section. In my opinion if he is still young feed him as much has he will eat without him putting on a ton of weight. I have an ambi that eats like crazy he will eat 20-30 crickets day if I let him, but he was starting to get fat so I cut back. Regulate his diet if he is losing weight feed more if he is getting fat feed less. Typically a juvi will eat 15-20 crickets a day. Older chameleons might only eat 5-10 crickets a day. It's all about observation. Hope this helps :)
Some people feed twice a day and split up the amount. If you are feeding crickets to a baby or juvi then I would go with somewhere around 15 a day. I just wouldn't feed right before lights out as it is good for them to bask to digest their food. I fed once a day and would throw some type of worm treat to him in the afternoon. that is just what I did. I think it really is personal preferance.
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