how long???

In my opinion you should give her a decent rest (at least a couple of months)
and a chance to fatten up a bit.
Also, I'm not positive about Jackson's, but she may become pregnant again due to retained sperm from the original copulation.
I know for sure this happens with egg-laying species and it seems to me that I read it could happen with the "live-bearers".
Someone else will have to confirm this or set me straight as I wouldn't bet much on being right about this.

Brad is absolutely right (and could've made that bet :) ). If she doesn't refertilize herself, it'd be a good idea to give her a little break before trying again too. If you just want to know when she is receptive, her reaction to seeing your male should be all you need. Unreceptive females will turn their darkest colors, rock from side to side sometimes gaping the mouth, and will fight off a male's advances.
re how long

She had her babies about a week ago and I cannot see any difference in her body size. She is still fairly plump and still looks gravid I placed her in my males enclosure and she turned black and did all the things you said. I took her out right away and she is her beautiful self again. What was really neat was my males reaction to having a guest. He saw her and turned into a robot his display was more than cool!! Now if she is gravid from her last encounter again how long till we see the new arrivals? Do they carry more than 1 litter at a time or do they give birth and re fertilize after giving birth? I did read that this species can have 2 broods a year.
That's very odd that she appears the same size after delivering 10 babies. I know I've read somewhere that eggs(embryos) at different stages of development have been found in necropsies, but it's far too early for my brain to actually recall the source just yet. Also, here's a species profile that you might wanna check out:
It also mentions how this subspecies' horns are considered more delicate and that females often lose them during the import process. I've also seen healthy males with broken horns too.
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