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I put hermie into his new enclosure about 27 hours ago and he is still adimetly protesting it. It's a 65 gallon reptarium complete with fake vines, leaves (I'm still looking to find an organic/nonpesticide plant for him), dripping system, UVA/UVB system. He wouldn't even eat the meal worms and wax worms that I offered him today. All he does is CLING to one of the vines and glare at me. There is also a 100 watt reptisun and ceramic heater to get this temps up. He isn't even hanging out at the "hot" end. Just on the one vine, which occasionaly he'll move around a little on. His coloring varies from brown to greenish. Usually an olive green. I haven't SEEN him drink (he never has liked to do it when I watch) though I've seen him take note to the fact that there is water dripping by him.
His eyes aren't sunken in or anything, but I'm wondering how long I should let him go like this before I intervene and try to give him pedialyte or something? I know that taking him out will make him mad and potentially stress him out more.
I'm sorry if I'm just being a paranoid owner, I'm just scared of loosing him after loosing corey.
Check his urates. If its somewhat orange then he is not getting enough water. Is his grip weak? Maybe try putting him in the shower?
His grip seems fine, he's holding on and walking on the one vine well. He hasn't pooped today, but that's not abnormal for him (esp. since he hasn't eaten anything that I've seen). Sometimes he'll skip pooping one day just to freak me out and then the next day just as I'm getting ready to call the vet he'll do a huge poop.
I have a beardie that I rescued this weekend that I'm taking to my reptile vet tomorrow so I can always bring him along if need be.
My bet is your just being a worrysome mother. It sounds like he's just fine. Whenever you move a cham to a different cage it'll take them anywhere between a day and a month to really get used to their new digs. As long as his eyes look nice and hydrated and he doesn't lose any significant weight, I wouldn't worry about him too much. Just make sure he stays nice and hydrated and he'll be just fine.

Its good to see people worrying so much about their chams. Or any reptiles for that matter. Its a breath of fresh air when you see all these terrible owners out there.
Thanks. He did give a "peace offering" last night and eat one cricket for me. He still isn't thrilled, but that made me feel better.

I worked for a vet that saw dogs and cats but also specialized in exotics. She always would say "who are we to judge that reptiles have any less feelings than a dog."

But i know what you mean -- I rescued a bearded dragon on saturday, and the conditions that he was in ... wow. Some people...
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