How long to Shed?


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My male Veiled Chameleon who I thought was fully grown (About 18") since I've had him in his bigger Viv (4ft x 30" x 30") He's started to shed.

He started shedding almost 2 weeks ago now, and still hasn't finished. Nothings come off the top half of him, just his back legs, all his tail and some of his stomach.

How long should it take him to shed?


It seems to happen when they are older, that they shed in sections.
My 10 month old male veiled is just finishing the last part of a shed he started about 3 weeks ago.

He started pulling his shedded skin off now, is this normal?

Also I got him a hotter bulb now which he seems to love, and he's started shedding more of his body now. Is that a good sign?

they do tend to eat their dead skin. it is very healthy so let him eat it. try misting or spraying more often to speed up the process. this will increase the humidity so that the skin will come off easier and will not lead to infection. my last veiled got an eye infection from the dead skin on his eye and a week later after i had taken him to the vet he died. i would just strongly recommend misting and spraying more often anytime your little guy is shedding just to be safe and help him out a little bit. good luck
I realize that if you place some rough surface material in the cage like large piece of bark will help chameleon to get off the old skin faster. They will scrape and brush around the bark to get rid of old skins.:D
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