How long does it take them to adjust??


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Hi! So I just got my 4 month old veiled chameleon last week and was wondering how long it will take before she is comfortable in her surroundings? At the pet store she was a sweetheart, very friendly and when I went up to her she walked from the back up to the front and started trying to get to me, I held her and she was very active but now she doesnt seem to want to come out. Any info that would help would be great! Thanks!
What do you mean by places to hide? Like foliage to hide behind? There is foliage in her set up but Im not sure she can really hide behind it... I have taken her out once a day since I got her and each time I just wait until she walks to my finger, if she doesnt come willingly I leave her alone so I should stop trying to hold her for a week or two and let her adjust then? I have hand fed her a couple of times with a mealworm on my hand she ate it when she saw it moving. She didnt have a problem eating when I took her home thank heavens so I guess I just assumed everything was fine and she had adjusted well.
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