How long Do they Live?/Other Weird things

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Hey guys:
Can any one tell me how long captive bread chameleons generaly live?
Herbie is almost 4 years old.
How old are your chams and what is the longest you've ever had one in your life.
Our Dog Sadie is Herbies arch enemy!( in his mind anyway) He chases her around the house and he means business! I've Seen him literally jump of the window sill to run her out of the room. You can see him plotting out his plan of action, thinking of how he can get up on the bed or the couch where ever Sadie may be. He's never attacked her, he just wants her to know who's boss.
There has been a few times when I have had dreams where Herbie and I are having conversations. He tells me about himself and gives me insight into my life. Then I'll wake up and he's sitting on the pillow next to me staring at me. Pretty Weird!!
I've read that in parts of the world where Chameleons are indigenous
the people believe chameleons are spirit guides and are said to have healing abilities.
Life expectancy depends on the speices of chameleon. I think in the wild most chameleons do not live very long, although in captivity with proper care they can live longer. The average lifespan in captivity for a veiled chameleon is probably around 4-6 years. I had one live for 5 years, and another I had to give away before going to college was 4. Veiled chameleons can live longer; a friend of mine had one for almost 8 years. I have read the parson's chameleon can live past 20 years.

You have one crazy cham ;). You need to get a picture of Herbie chasing the dog. I had never heard about chameleons in indigenous areas being treated as some kind of mystical animal, but it makes perfect sense. They are very unique animals. I can imagine all kinds of possible ways the people of the area could construe the current color of a chameleon.
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