How long do Panthers go from breeding to laying


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I recently got a female from a breeder along with 2 males I don't know if they had bread before I got them. I have had them for 6 months and she is laying now just wanted to know if it's possible that the eggs will be fertil or is it imposible


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I’d put the eggs in vermiculite and see what happens. If they are not fertile that will mold over in a few weeks. The female normally lays around 30 days of mating.

I incubate the eggs the same way that Lynda (kinyonga) does. Put them in a plastic Tupperware shoe box with about 3 inches of moist vermiculite and keep them in a closet where the temps with be around 76 degrees. I punch two tiny holes in the lid. To test for moisture, take a fist full of the vermiculite and squeeze it, if no more than a drop or two of water comes out then the moisture level should be okay. Do not turn the eggs as you move them from where they were laid to the container. Lay them in rows about an inch apart in all directions in shallow dents made with your thumb in the vermiculite. Put the lid on and place them in a dark place where the temperature is between 72-78 F. Moisture will form on the sides of the container and underside of the lid. It takes about 8 to 9 months for the eggs to hatch. It they are not fertile they will mold over in a couple of weeks.
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