How long between matings?


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I have 3 female jacksons and just got a male (thanks amanda)

Any time ive bred chameleons in the past its been a pair. ive never used multiple females for one male.

Ive left males in with females to copulate multiple times but how should i approach this to make sure each female gets the package?

Are there any concerns with the deposit not being potent if i mate him with multiple females in a short period of time?

should a wait a few day? weeks? or more in between copulations?

come on guys 37 views and no comments? even if you dont know for sure recommendations or any insight would be helpful.
JMHO but it can work immediately however to insure the best results I would wait at least a week or two. I know breeders who breed a male with multiple females one after another and get results but I would wait a little while between each mating. Again JMHO :)
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