how ''lightly'' is lightly


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when dusting crickets? i'm not sure if i'm using too little.
I've never seen him spit a cricket out or anything of the sort so i know I'm not using too much. is there a way you guys gauge it or do you just wing it?
Well for me I'll put about 5 crickets in a dixie cup then lightly tap the container so that only a small amount comes out. Then I just swirl them around in the cup and they'll be lightly dusted. When I first got my cham I know I powdered them like sugar cookies or something lol but then I realized that I was definitely using too much and now I use barely anything but I think it does the job.
enough that it doesnt rub off by the time the cham eats it but not so much that it looks like a Socal girl's makeup



Yeah I use microscopic amounts, just enough that you can barely see it on the crickets. I feel like supplements are too often thought of as magical cure-all dust. Supplements are really only supposed to do just that, supplement. The main source of calcium/nutrients should be the gutload.


I think I overdid the calcium thing. I shook the crickets in a bag with calcium already in it, then tipped the whole lot into an old tea strainer. But, the crickets grossed me out so much, that I then flung the whole lot into the cage. LOL! There was calcium everywhere! all over my nice schefflera plant etc. the next day, I was a lot more conservative in the amount I used.
Still learning. I've only had my little jackson since Sunday.
At least the liberal calcium made the buggars easy to see!


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I dont dust all the crickets, just the first three of the day. I re-use the Zip-Lock bag that has about a 1/2 teaspoon amount of dust in it. I drop the first three sacrifices in and shake'n'bake the heck out of 'em until they are nicely breaded. Then I drop into the enclosure and let the hunger games begin! The rest of the crickets go into cups or free-roam in nothing but their birthday suits, no dust. I do it every other day.
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