How improving the enclosure content changes everything


Just want to share with you the experience I had with my panther chameleons regarding to the enclosure content.

The female stopped eating suddenly and was having a strange behavior, going often on the ground, never really getting exposed to the heat. I thought first she had infertile eggs so I added a nice layer of dirt but it did not change anything. I was really worry, she only ate 1 hornworm in 2 weeks.

Then I realized that the plant in her enclosure seemed much less bushy than when I purchased it. So I just put her in an other terrarium with a bunch of plants and she was transformed. In 2 days she started to eat again and is doing very well now. Interestingly, she spend much more time exposed, probably because she is not stressed anymore.

So if someone ask for help about a cham, if the terrarium does not seems heavily planted on the picture, it would be a good idea to tell the owner to purchase a bushy and dense plant and add it to the terrarium. It is a very easy thing to do and the results are immediate. This way it can be ruled out and we can investigate other maintenance problems that are harder to fix.
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