How Has Everyone Been Affected?


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Just like my title says, I am curious and wondering how all of you and your chams are being affected by the current situation with this pandemic. I am not active much on the forums so I haven't got a chance to read much of what has been going on with all the cham owners. Is everyone okay? Are everyone's cham's okay?
I also know that many stores are closed and some people aren't shipping feeders right now, so how is everyone getting their feeders?
I'm located in Los Angeles, CA and it seems that most reptile stores/feeder sources out here still have their lights on.
Luckily I ordered in bulk before all this happened and am working on breeding a lot of different things (snails, crickets, hornworms, silkworms, fruit flies) so the chams are good. Was working with grasshoppers but my cat enjoyed them as a toy and then a snack

Invested in an RO system and bit the bullet on that a few months back and glad I did so. Anyone located in the LA area need RO water PM me. Maybe feeders in the future, too.


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Sounds like there is quite the variety of situations out there. As for me, I'm out of school, no job, and in full lockdown pretty much. It is beginning to get to me, and it seems like all the days are just blurring together or something, it's a very odd and confusing sensation. I miss my mma gym and my friends and my family and daily life. Humans really are creatures of habit, and this creature is not having a good time! Sadly I do not have a chameleon to worry about any more but during this time I am a bit glad because it is a stressful time already. I have been baking plenty and watching movies and staying up late talking on the phone, stuff like that. But man, I miss normal life! The grocery stores around here get cleaned out very quickly and many stores have to have a senior hour in the morning so that the people who need groceries most don't have to wrestle apocalypse survivalists for the last bit of toilet paper, haha.
The only person who is thrilled about this quarantine is my lil shih tzu, endless cuddles for him!

Hopefully all of your situations get better and make sure to stay safe and practice clean habits, don't go out if you don't need to, and be careful!


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My animals aren’t affected at all as I breed all my own insects.

Personally, I have been affected in that I have quit smoking cigarettes!

Good that something good is coming out of this pandemic. How you don't go back to father died when he was only 62 from smoking related cancer. It was not a good death. (Not that death is normally a good thing.)
Here in Serbia we cant go outside between 5pm to 5am. I bought enough food for my two chameleons for a month or two because I heard its maybe going to be 22 hours a day forbidden to go outside..

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Mandatory govt quarntine in place in california, cham food suppliers still going, I imagine it doesn't take more than a few people to run a cricket farm etc.. all the grocery stores are sold out of the idiot items...I feel like I'm retired, out of work govt mandated, kids out of school till next through a historic event here...we will see how it will unfold here fairly could be could be dramatic, time will tell


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It hasn't really had a big "daily life" impact on most people in Korea, aside from having to wear masks all the time (one lady scolded me for not wearing a mask in our apartment elevator) and going out a lot less. Most Koreans still go to work every day, no businesses have been forcibly closed though strict guidelines were issued to restaurants, health clubs, churches, etc. Anecdotally some coworkers told me they have seen no reduction in the number of people using public transportation. I've seen an *ever so slight* reduction in car traffic. Delivery times have gone up as a lot more people are ordering groceries, etc. online in lieu of going to stores. Koreans don't have an obsession with toilet paper - nothing has been sold out here aside from masks. Schools remain closed so there has been a big impact on parents with young children.


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Been working from home for 2 weeks now which has been great, considering I normally drive 92 miles a day for work. Fortunate to have a job that is not at risk due to the situation. Besides that it sucks. Food stores near me have decent stock, for the most part it's mostly frozen foods, pasta, and toilet paper that are wiped clean, no pun intended. The toilet paper thing blows my mind, it's insane how gullible the general population is that they would panic and go out to stock up on toilet paper because social media made it a thing and the word got out "everyone else is buying it, I guess I have to".

My chameleon stares at me all day probably wondering why I'm always home now (his cage is right next to my desk).


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"Koreans don't have an obsession with toilet paper - nothing has been sold out here aside from masks."

The quote above made my evening! I am puzzled by the lack of toilet paper here. I have a household of five. Four of the five are female and three out of the four females are still young enough to use more toilet paper then is necessary, but I didn't loose my mind buying toilet paper.

Groceries are still very hit or miss here, especially cleaning supplies, toilet paper, bread, ground beef and chicken.

I have been busy homeschooling (I was a teacher before had children), but I miss volunteering, going to church, seeing family and all of our extracurricular activities. My kids' school district has put out some online learning programs for us to access, but, so far, our department of education said it won't count for anything if we do it.

My husband is an essential employee. His hours have been shortened and since the businesses they contract with are hurting. He is going to be laid off next week, hopefully he will be called back the following week when the weather turns. It will impact our income as I stay home to care for our children.

This pandemic has made me realize how lucky we really are. There are some people in the world who have been born into a situation wondering where their next meal will come from and when it will come, they have fear for the lives daily. Sadly, some of them will live in fear from the time they are old enough to understand it until they die.

Our chameleon hasn't been impacted negatively, since I'm still able to get feeders. She is such an interesting creature that she brightens up the mood.

I hope that you all stay in good health! I hope that you are not impacted too negatively financially or mentally!


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I've taken to boiling the rain water I usually collect for my plants for my chams/tortoises; all the stores have a limit of 1-3 gallons/household, and my partner drinks an entire gallon a day :/ So far I'm not drinking the rain water, but my cat is pickier than I, so it may come to that. My tap water is hard enough that it kills plants with two waterings, so I'm not going to drink that (or give it to any animals) unless I get really desperate


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South east Florida.
Hornworms, crickets and Superworms are available at BEVERLY'S PET CENTER on Pines and University in Hollywood.
Broward residents are ordered to stay home. But that hasn't stopped most traffic.


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Personally, a lot worse than I would like. I made a large order online for bulk locust and crickets, due to the craziness here in the UK they came later than expected, and dead. My local pet shop has the vilest feeders I've ever set my eyes on and only keep two to three sizes, for some reason, and has the most absurd prices possible.

People are bulk buying crested gecko diet, which I need for my gargoyles, so I'm having to scrounge online to get that. My usual website decided to hike up the live food prices, which I understand but don't really appreciate. The fruit flies I ordered last week have already mysteriously died although they're kept at the same temperature as my previous colonies.

I drove an hour to another more affordable pet store after reserving forty frozen rats the day before only for them to tell me they had accidentally sold every single one.

I've got a new more reliable order in and I've finally decided to search for someone breeding dubia local.


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Where is that quote from? "Koreans have obsessions with toilet paper - nothing is sold out except masks" @NikkiA
Skoram had written it at the bottom of his post. It's about 2 lines up from the very bottom of his post. I assumed everyone was reading each post in order and since Skoram's post was two above mine, I didn't think to write the source. I apologize for any confusion that I may have created.


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It's quite a confusing time that we are living in right now, that's for sure. Our chams will be regaling their grandchildren with the stories of the global pandemic, and the odd behavior of humans that believe hoarding toilet paper will save them, haha.
I can't wait to go back out in the world!!
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