how does your cham prefer to eat?


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my little guy alfie is 6 months old.ive been struggling with his eating habbits lately.he was only eating 1-2 crickets a day.he wont eat from a feeder cup.he only likes to eat from my hand or if i kill the locust or crickets and lay them on the umbrella tree leaves below him. is this weird?.if i let them loose he just ignores them or puffs up at them.he is a little lazy but atleast hes eating.:D
Mine will tong feed from a half meter tong, eat from a converted 2 liter with screen up one side, or like yours, slow food i place on the leaves. he doesnt like to hand feed unless its something bigger than a superworm.
My female panther eats whatever I put in her cage she well even eat from my hand it does not matter. My male is a little picky but he will roam his cage looking for prey items usually crickets sometimes a dubia. He will sometimes sit there and if something happens to pass by he will nail it. Sometimes he will se a prey item across the cage and he will literally run and get it if he is hungry if not he just sits there. I have not tried cup feeding yet probably won't with my female but might with my male but they are both eating well so why change when things are going good.
I just put em in a medium sized plastic jar and affix it somehow to balance in between some sticks and branches and she just climbs in and snaps em
Mine eat from a cup when I have worms or wimpy bugs incapable of escaping the death cup. Mostly though, they love hunting and stalking crickets. When bugs are on branches, it drives them nuts and they rush them sometimes they don't even shoot out their tongue! Overall though, they will never eat something dead. Sometimes injured things, but never dead ones.
Feeding my chameleon

On a typical day i will put both crickets and worms in a short cup then put that in his tree (sometimes ill change the location so he has to look for it:D) and some of the crickets are able to get out so he has the chance to hunt. This might be good for you, because i found that once the crickets get out of the container onto the leaves, they kind of just hang out for a few minutes until they fall (then climb back tot the top of the cage). And also this way, he will be able to get some worms if he wants to whenever.:) On saturdays though i just release crickets because i am able to monitor how much he is eating.:p
I like to free range the crickets and roaches they usually end up on the screen sides of the cage so he gets to hunt , he'll eat out of my hand without any problems , I use a feeding dish for worms and no problems with that either he doesn't get them very regularly so worms are kind of a treat to change things up, it doesn't really seem to matter to this one, but he prefers free ranged prey, he knows what the cricket bin looks like and starts cruising around the cage when he see's it or when I let a few roaches loose in his cage he goes into turbo mode and usually has them eaten before I put the lid back on the bin
I toss the crickets in for him to hunt down, when we gets his various worms, he eats them from my hand. (I'd like to try the worms in a cup, but not sure what kind to try, I tried once and he got all bothered.)
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