How does one know if a chameleon is ready for breeding?


I've never bred chameleons before. I have a male and female veiled chameleon (I do keep them in seperate terrariums), and I want to have some cute chameleon babies :D I'm not asking for a way to force them into breeding or anything because I don't plan on selling them, I just want to know how I can tell if they're ready (just any signs; like, someone told me that when they rapidly turn different bright colors means that they're trying to attract mates). Also, what conditions should the sex be under?
Any other relevant information would be nice.
I just want a few people's feedback, really.

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Just saying, if you haven't put some deep thought into it, and you really dont plan on selling... Its going to cost quiet a bit of money to raise them. Like the link JannB posted, "69 baby Veileds" the cost is overwhelming considering you won't have a return, and you have to buy supplies, a new enclosure, lights, find a way to hydrate them, feed them. A lot goes into those cute little ones lol


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I wouldn't breed them if you don't intend to sell them. If you are able to keep her clutch count low, you could still very well end up with 20-30+ babies. That is a lot of chameleons to feed, water, and house for the rest of their lives. I would try to find a breeder near you and see if they would be willing to give you a few eggs right after they are laid, or maybe breed your male to another person's female and ask if you can have a couple of the eggs right after they are laid.
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