How does it look so far?

Hello everyone. I took in two baby Chams today "Veiled". I am just trying to make sure everything looks good. I have owned a Cham before but it's been awhile. I no about all the temps and everything Just making sure the set up looks good. The lady said the female is 1 month and the male is about 2/3 weeks. Yes I no to young to re-home but I had to take them. This lady had no idea what she was doing.


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The cage is AMAZING!

Keep in mind that you cannot keep two chameleons in the same cage when they get old enough to be territorial though.

Amazing cage though! Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure they're loving it.
Thank you. I know I am getting more things ready for a second setup. could you brush me up on all the dust, how often and what kind. Please and thank you.
Calcium dust (no d3) every feeding.

Calcium dust (with d3) 2 times a month.

Multivitamin (like reptivite) 2 times a month.

Hope it helps :)
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