How do your chameleons sleep?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FFSTRescue, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. FFSTRescue

    FFSTRescue New Member

    I would love for people to describe ways in which their chameleons sleep, and if they have pictures, that would be even better!

    I went to my Senegal hatchlings' cage, and I haven't had any deaths in several days, but there was one that was curled up on the floor of the cage like a dog. He was laying in his sternum with the lower half of his body was on the side and his chin was resting on his front legs, literally just like a dog. He had his tail all curled up and he looked very peaceful. I picked him up to take him away because I figured he was dead, I even sprayed him with water just to be sure, and nothing happened. All of a sudden he woke up, looked at me, turned black, and tried crawling away from me as fast as he could! I thought he was dead! Then I watched him for a while and he was the most active one in the cage, eating, drinking, etc. He was napping like a dog. I wish I had taken a picture. Has anyone seen that before?
  2. Ellron

    Ellron New Member

    I've heard of chams laying down before, but nothing like that!
    Thats seems like it would be mighty cute to see!
    My little guy sleeps on a branch and sometimes in the upper corner of his cage on the wall.
    He rolls his little tail up and just sits there all cute and colorful.
    I will add a pic later.
  3. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    I free range my veiled in the bathroom sometimes depending on how hot it is outside (the bathroom is the most humid and cool room for some reason).. Sometimes he leaves and goes to sleep on a sponge in the bath tub. If he does this again I will post it. That being said.. I do need to find out why he likes moving there so much, or why he dislikes his free range.
  4. JaxyGirl

    JaxyGirl Avid Member

    Triton free ranges in my living room. The other day I couldn't find him and looked every where...started getting worried...but, I finally found him on the bottom book case shelf. He was asleep flat on the shelf with his front legs straight out and his tail curled up flat next to him. I didn't know they could sleep like that :eek:
  5. ajacobson

    ajacobson New Member

    My Panther, William, goes to the same place every night and curls his tail up for bed. My Veiled, Thomas, usually uses a leaf as a pillow, he lays his chin on it and passes out. Although sometimes he sleeps in weird places. See photo. My pygs are usually hanging off of sticks and leaves sleeping.

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  6. FFSTRescue

    FFSTRescue New Member

    These are too funny! If I see that baby or another one doing that again, I'll try my best to take a picture. It is so funny how some chameleons are heavier sleepers than others. Some chameleons wake up just from hearing me, others it would take a hurricane to wake them.
  7. JenniferAlicia

    JenniferAlicia New Member

    Well my little girl usually sleeps in the same place every night. She curls up to a half moon shape and passes out. Shes too cute.

    She is my avatar. Shes sleeping in the photo.
  8. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    I had a c. chameleon that would curl up doggy style in a peanut butter jar lid in the bottom of the cage every night and sleep. (It was supposed to be the food lid for the crickets but there were no crickets left in there at night because they had always eaten them! And yes, I did say they...I kept some of them in pairs and its one species where some of them seem to be okay with that....or they wouldn't have lived to be 6 years old together.)

    I've seen some babies do that too...I think they feel like they are "safe in the egg" that way sometimes.
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  9. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    I have had quite a few babies that have slept on the cage floor like that. It never indicated any issues with the babies-it just seemed to be their preference one in awhile. In fact the 3 month old Panther I have now is on the tub floor in the corner many nights instead of up on his platic plants like he is during the day.
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  10. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    The very first night Spike was here he slept on the floor in total "doggy" pose...he's never done it since.
  11. dreamforthedead

    dreamforthedead New Member

    Mia sleeps in the same place every night, she gets herself comfy curls her tail up then waits for lights out. It's always so cute seeing chameleons sleep, they always look like little angels.
  12. Jono

    Jono New Member

    All four of my dwarfs sleep in the same spot as long as I place the plants at the same angle once I bring them inside. If I'm careful I can get George off his outside tree and into his cage without waking him up. Here are some pics from awhile back of him and one of the babies when they were a few weeks old. George is so much bigger now, will post some updated pics soon.

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  13. JosieJobo

    JosieJobo New Member

    Sometimes when its nearly "bedtime" my 5m panther has bedtime cuddles, he sits on my finger all curled up and if I stroke his head he starts nodding off, well I think he's falling asleep he closes his eyes. Whatever its possibly the cutest thing EVER!!! Xx
  14. ojr5

    ojr5 Member

    Every single night, same exact spot. He's there as soon as he's had his fill of hunting and basking. Up at dawn, down at dusk. Regardless of the lighting schedule.
  15. Ahenn

    Ahenn Member

    I've never seen that all of our guys sleep curled up in their favorite part of the cage.

  16. Cait0420

    Cait0420 New Member

    I have two 10 week chams, one curls up on a fake vine and the other sleeps hanging upside down on the screen top of his cage, they're adorable when they sleep
  17. dnallivah

    dnallivah Member

    She sleeps in the same spot every night and curls up at an ungodly early hour. She was curled up for bed before 5pm tonight. Her lights don't go out for another two hours.

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