How do you go about feeding?


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I no how much to feed, its just going about how to feed, at the min i just throw the locust in the viv and just leave him to it, but recently he's not interested and they just run round loose, not to mention when misting i must be washing off my supplements that ive coated, surely this isnt good, not to mention wont they start to feed on my new live plants ?


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Try to cup feed. Put some greens in the cuo to keep the locusts there. Personally i am trying to cupfeed my little guy. Fortunately he eats from a pincer too, and loves to hunt the fruitflyes so i think itt will work.
For the locusts..i always used to just drop them in like you. Cup/pincer feed crix and othes.
Good luck!:)


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You could always put your feeders in after you mist so that the supplements dont get washed off. Or you could try cup feeding. I free range my crickets but cup feed my dubias. So if my little girl is lazy and doesnt want to hunt down crickets she can have some dubias lol but she usually goes straight for the crickets and then only if shes hungry after that she will go for the dubias
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