How do you feed your Chams?


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I am talking Physically. Do you just throw the food in and let nature take its course or do you use tongs and hand feed? For snakes and geckos and frogs we used to just throw in the crickets. Is there any preferred method for feeding? Do you get many escapees? I hate crickets. Hate the smell, hate the sound hate the look. Nope, don't like em. Love to watch them get eaten:cool:
I place the feeders in the general area where my cham is currently hanging out. He goes for anything that moves near him. So I will place them on the screen and let them crawl up next to him and he just instantly grabs them. If you dont like touching the feeders you can pick them up with tongs and place them near your cham. This way I dont get any escapees. Im not a fan of crickets myself.
I just dump crickets in there. She finds them all, they tend to crawl towards the basking light. Worms not so much, I've only fed supers so far but I keep them in a cup and offer them (holding the cup) or stick one on the vine. They tend to fall to the bottom. I've fed roaches a handful of times, them I sit on a leaf near her and she goes for them. But if they fall to the bottom they stay down there and she doesn't go for them so I have to watch and make sure she eats them.
I just throw them in because I think it's good physical and mental exercises for them to hunt their food like they would in the wild. That said, I have to cup feed my veiled because he can't shoot his tongue after an injury, and I cup feed my baby carpet so I can keep track of how she's eating since the crickets are small and her cage is densely planted. The one who lost the use of his tongue dives in to get close, but I put the closest perch decently far above the cup for my carpet. If they get lazy and get too close to really shoot their tongue very far I've heard they may lose the muscle strength to fully shoot it over time. So I'm trying to prevent that in my little one. My cup fed chams run to their cup when I put stuff in it, but I love watching the big ones hunt! I'll eventually transition my carpet to free feeding because I think it's better for them personally unless they need it.
I hate crickets. Hate the smell, hate the sound hate the look. Nope, don't like em. Love to watch them get eaten:cool:

I agree with you!! I don't like them as well, they creep me out!! but my cham loves them!!! I just release them and they get hunted!!!:D and cup feed worms!
I cup feed mine... with the exception of for treats that can climb the plastic cups (horned worms) which I let loss near the chameleons.
i agree crix are aweful, nasty,disgusting things!! i put mine in a tupperware container with calcium powder and put the lid on them and shake the crap outta them(solely for my enjoyment lol) and then i dump them on a branch in wich most of the stupid things fall off,my chams hunt them and they usually go to the basking area so its not as if i end up with many dead amongst the plants on the bottom..ZERO escapees as i have a very keen eye for the ugly little things lol..i do sit and watch my chams eat them as i enjoy this time watching i know how many are being consumed(a very healthy amount) then the rest i just let them do what they will with...patiently wait for them to come straight to them or hunt them..its a chams life heehe:D oh ya..occasionally i will flick the screen just to watch the crix soar to the other side..i know its mean but they are gonna be snacks soon anyways and as i said i despise them!!;)
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