How do these lil guys look?

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Got these guys 2 days ago locally(luckily) and would love to get some feedback/comments on em. They are brother and sister 3-4 weeks old. The female was actually the biggest one out of the bunch and male was the last male the breeder had left and he was actually the smallest of the bunch. They are polar opposites in personality. She is very brave and not scared of me and great eater. He on the other is very shy and skeptical and has stayed a lighter brown since I got him(he was as well brown at the breeders house and only brown one of the bunch). She has a very bright translucent green color with purplish stripes and is sheding right now(not pictured), so I am guessing her colors are about to become ever more vibrant. Overall, I am very happy with them:cool:


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Dragon Born

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Thanks guys. Glad you enjoy looking at them as much as me. I find myself marveling over the girl to my surprise but I love the lil guy b/c he looks so funny to look at with his small head and HUGE eyes looking back at you. It's hard not to smile:]
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