How do people feed off bsf?

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering, how can you feed off BSF, other than leaving the larvae in the cham enclosure and wait until it pupates?
I want to find a way to have the larvae in a plastic container, and when they pupate and become flies, catch them somehow to put them in the chameleon enclosure, that way I know exactly how many she is getting.
I looked a lot but couldn’t find anything, on youtube there are a lot of videos but for how to raise them for biowaste, compost and other stuff, which is not what I need.
I’m thinking in designing something like the crickets enclosure with the tubes in it, so maybe the flies get in the tubes and I can get them out.
Does anyone have any helful feedback or recommendations ?
Thank you!


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If you use a live plant or have a bioactive substrate, just let the larvae loose. They will turn into flies and buzz around in a few weeks. Chameleons LOVE the natural stimulation of BSF’s. And they are very slow moving, so if they fly out, a fly swatter will make short work of them.
It is the creepy buzzing that gets me... I got an order of BSFL and I guess they got too warm in shipping because when they arrived I opened it and 3 got out... I ran screaming from the room. One of my best keeper moments..


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The gum container is a cool idea. I took a Phoenix Worm cup and cut a hole in the lid so the hatched flies can crawl out. I throw a piece of TP over the hole during cleaning. Works great except my chams are like birds and they aim their poop at stuff on the bottom. :O


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i found them slow and moved them in when they first came out,. then when they warmed up and flew toward the lights my guy took em out. My set up is a screen enclosure inside a green house. so if one got loose its in the greenhouse and easily caught and offered up


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Once mine pupate I put them in small containers with shredded paper and little openings in the top and let them hatch out. I like these gum containers because I can close the small opening when I'm going to have the cage open for a while.
I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for posting this. It works great! The first one came out today since I set it up and Beman was so excited hunting it! So thank you for being wonderful and sharing your secrets :)
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