How do I no if they are Eating?

I have really small Chams and they have to eat small small crickets. Well how do I know if they are eating them? I seen one eat yesterday but not the other and there are so many pants and stuff in the habitat that I can't tell if they have ate them or if they are hiding! What should I do?
Cup feeding is really the only way to know if you cant watch them all the time.'

Also if there is a regular supply of poop, that will show they are eating as well. put them in the cup?

just make sure the cup is plastic, and the sides are clean, and the cup is deep enough that the cham get the bugs out, but the bugs cant.

You could perhaps make a smaller version of this. When I had babies I weighed them every week. When you say you saw one eating and not the other, do you mean you are keeping two together? If so it could be that one is more dominant than the other and that is a sign they need to be separated.:)
Thank you for the advice. I am not sure if they need to be separated yet. It's a really big cage and they are really small. One is a month old and the other is 2-3 weeks. Do you think if I set up a second cage for feeding it would be okay "like have plants in it just not as many and just put one cham in there at a time let them eat then put them back in their cage"? Or would that be to much stress? :confused:
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