How do I know when my chameleon is ready to lay eggs?

Your chameleon will become chubby and often you can see the eggs laying just under her skin, she will become restless and start digging in the corners of her cage, she may go off her food, she will show a darker coloration (with often spectacular markings!) and she may be moodier than usual. This can occur at 5 months of age and older.

Unfertilized eggs do not hatch. When you dig them up you can throw them away, but having said that, if you breed her once she can lay a clutch and then lay another clutch later on as a chameleon can retain sperm for up to a couple additional clutches, so if that's the case don't throw those second set of eggs out!
If you put an appropriate container of washed playsand in her cage she will have a place to dig to show you when she is ready to lay them.

Also...i recommend counting the eggs in an infertile clutch to see how many she laid before you throw them away.
I was wondering this same thing. I have a female panther and she will be 5months next week. Looks like I will have to start to get one ready...

I just cant imagine this happening at 5months as she is still so small. About the size of my finger. I still havent even set up her adult cage yet. She is still in her smaller baby cage.
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