How can i get him to eat?


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It's been about 4 days and I'm worried he's not going to eat at all. I think he's stressed and/or the crickets are too big for him. The pet store near me dont sell smaller crickets and I dont have a card to buy them online, so I'm seeing if he'll eat these. I've only ever seen him drink once. I've left him alone for a few hours and he hasn't moved or even touched the crickets. Ive also tried to let them roam instead of cup feeding, but he just gets scared by them. I've tried tongs and no go. I tried force feeding and he just spit it out and had lock jaw. How can I get him to eat something?


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And the enclosure has to be set up right. See your other thread for all the links I provided to read.

Some will not cup feed like that because they can not see them to hunt them. They do not know or understand they are in the cup. This is when a feeder run is better then a cup.
I'll have to save up for live plants. I did make one of the jug things so I'll put that in their. He just opens his mouth at them like their gonna eat him.
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