How big are your eggs before hatching?


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I watched this video of some lady on youtube remove babies from eggs (mind you she looked rough as guts)

And her eggs looked huge!!!


I watched that video this weekend! ha weird. lol that lady seems very nice :)
oh yeah and im subscribed to her on youtube also!
LOL! I was afraid she was going to hurt the poor thing sticking the tweezers in the egg like that. I wonder why they didn't hatch on their own.
The eggs did look huge. Eggs can grow too big when the substrate is too moist...but most often when that happens the babies are dead inside the eggs when it comes time to hatch.
its normal for reptile eggs to swell before hatching( especially chams) ..ive only had a few cham eggs hatch but ive seen a few get soft and swell like lil ballons before a lil cham dome pops birth is still my fave tho ( jacksons to be particular, or helmeted"s)lol
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