Housing multiple adolescent chameleons


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Hello everyone:) I recently purchased 3 Ambilobe Panthers, (thanks Lance!) and had a question about temporary housing for the three little fellas. Currently I have 1 cage (36"/18"/18") with 2 different dracenea plants, and one golden pothos. There is also multiple basking spots. These chameleons are roughly 2 and a half months old, and I was wondering how long do I have before the begin to get stressed out in one another's presence? In other words, how long do I have before I absolutely need to get my cages built?

Thank you
Hi im wondering what your ambient temps are as you say you have multiple basking areas in what seems like a relatively small cage. Do they have somewhere they can go to cool down?
i think you should only keep babies together but i think they will be alright for a little while, but you should defietly get some more cages real soon
Depends on gender, but I have seen experienced people keep them together for quite a while.
If they are males I'd say 3 month mark max. They are prob already starting to get kinda pissy with each other by the 2- 2.5 month mark. If they are sibling males and havent been seperated ever before then you may have a little more time but I wouldnt push it much past 3 months. Females I would still seperate by 3 or 4 months at latest. Thats jmo.
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