Housing dilema


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Hi guys,

I have a viv which measures 36 x 16 x 48 inch (L-D-H)

I have recently purchased a panther chameleon which I was told was male but turns out it is female. I'm thinking of getting a male panther as well now...

I was thinking of dividing my viv into half, using some sort of material (recommendations welcome). Do you think the viv would still be adequate? the length would be 18 inchs if I divided it into two. Also would this stress the animals out? e.g. being able to smell each other etc?

Its going to be pretty minimal for two IMHO, but I usually prefer larger cage spaces than others might. As long as you can create a visual barrier they won't stress each other. Ideas include cheesecloth, a piece of opaque chloroplast, plastic sheeting or a shower curtain, painted plexiglass or wood. I've even considered trying a piece of those synthetic leaf patterned privacy fence covers.
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