Housing 2 Male Jacksons together... Help


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I posted another thread about the enclosure, but now I have another question. If you've read my last post you know that the enclosure is a free range/enclosure combo stansing at 65"T 39"L 23"W. Inside the enclosure is 40"T 25"L 23"W. Will this be big enough for the two boys until I can make another enclosure?

Info on the boys: 4 month old jackson brothers, doing find together so far.

When they arrive here there will be 2 basking lights (maybe a third for the free range). They will have access to the free range whenever I'm home (I'm a sahm, so I'm home 90% of the time.)
If recommend not putting them together but if you HAVE to, monitor them frequently and make sure they're both eating well.
Oh i know that its recommended to house seperately. The most that they would be housed together is for a month.
They should be fine for a very limited amount of time. If you see aggression though, you will need to split them up. Definitely get 2 basking spots and offer plenty of food. I would say by 5-6 months they should be on their own.
At 5-6 months they are not that big so it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure that you have 2 feeding spots so they don't fight over food.
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