House flies


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I can't seem to find the post that someone (I think Heika?) was talking about ordering house flies from Grubco. Are you talking about the fly larva? That's all I see on there. How do you hatch/raise/keep them? Cainen is on a cricket strike right now, and will only take superworms, so I'm going to try something else.
Don't I feel like a dummy, same topic name and everything. ;)

For me, I open my chams cage a few times each day (to feed, mist, clean up, check temps, etc). How would I feed him the flies? Store them in the fridge so I could just get out a couple? Just release one or two into his cage and have to wait until he eats them?
Hi Jen,

Yes, feeding them is a pain. Once the flies hatch, you can pop the container into the freezer for a few minutes to slow them down.. and then drop just a few into your panther's cage. I have an automatic misting system, so I didn't have to worry about it too much for my panther. I was hand misting the leaf chams at the time, and most of the escapees came from those cages. A vacuum cleaner does work wonders.. :D

Lele knows a LOT about keeping these guys.. hopefully, she will notice the thread and talk a bit about how best to keep the larvae in the fridge until you are ready to let them pupate and hatch as flies.

I have wondered about getting these as feeders but I dont know about them getting loose.
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