House anything with cham?


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I just got a juvenile veiled a few weeks ago and hes doing great. i have him in a rather large enclosure for his size 3 foot wide by 3 foot high by 18 inch deep. i was wondering if there is anything i would be able to keep with him that wouldnt cause any stress/harm to him? i was thinking possibly a large insect (example: walking stick, large butterfly or sumthing of the sort) that he wouldnt be able to eat for a while since hes only about 5-6 inches overall length. n e ideas?
I think its better for him to be alone. The only company should be the crickets. And they shouldn´t stay vey long ;).
Some reptiles such as a turtle reconize when something is to big to be eaten by them. Some people have reported friendly behavior between turtles and cage mates (such as fish). Chameleons are not really like that though. If it moves and looks interesting they will go for it. I would have to agree with Hempa on the no cage mates.
haha ok i was thinking along the lines of the turtle cause i have done that before my turtle and fish lived fine together..... thanx for the advice
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