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Why we should NEVER expose the chameleon to warm shower?

Chameleons HATE any touching of their bodies
Due to their special anatomy and lifestyle, their bodies are touched only under two ocassions:
When they mate
When they are eaten by predators.
They escape usually also a direct exposure to rain in he wild, they hide in the foliage and do not let rain fall directly on their bodies.

So, every touch is stressful for them inducing immediate reflexive reaction: they freeze.

If you hear some reports of keepers saying: he likes it! i put warm shower on him and he just freezes in my hand and does not run away. So, in that case you are (no offense) totally wrong in your interpretation of the behavior that because he freezes, sits and does nothing he feels fine. On contrary, he is totally stressed!!!

What is the normal temperature preference of the Veileds?
In the 20s C, 70s F.
When they bask, to what temperature do they heat up preferably?
To 28-29 C, 80-85 F
What is the luke-warm temperature? 37 C, 98,6F (same as our bodies)
What is perceived as Warm water?
43 C, 110F (this is the average temperature of a warm-hot shower)
What is perceived as Hot water?
54 C, 130F (we already perceive as painful hot)

So, if you expose the chameleon to temperature which is 15 degrees above his preferred maximum and 25 above its norm, it it terrible!!!

Try yourself a 57 C, 135 F shower how it feels? And then run immediately to the hospital.

Warm shower is a part of unacceptable practices and is in fact animal torture.



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Not men, but I’m pretty sure all women shower at that temp. Y’all ridiculous with that!
Hot I know if my shower is right C78B5D2B-9DA4-4962-9AD7-FC528DAD8753.jpeg


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By the way, the “shower method” we see referenced here on the forums is not a direct spray method. It is actually designed to bounce off the wall and create tiny water droplets that are in the air. Their temperature is less than that of direct stream from the shower head. A big issue is the term “warm” that does not necessarily mean the same to everyone.
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