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Now, hears a rare chance for you to have a laugh at my expense lol

A few weeks ago i got on a horse for a friend, he bought her as a 6 year old broken to ride but not drive, so he asked me to get on her to see what she can do.
I'm not scared of any horse and will get on anything - this is the reason why my friend asks me to ride everything he buys.
This particular mare was fantastic at all the ground work and i did a full check over of her - back and tack - before i got on.

I got on on the yard first of all and she bronced and bronced and bronced - eventually she stopped and i got off, checked her over again - no sore bits and tack fitted ok so i took her into the arena for safety, we then started the camera..............

Well, after i got thrown off the second time i knew something was seriously wrong. I checked her over again - no pain whatsoever!!
Then i checked her teeth - she wasn't a 6 year old at all - she was a 2 year old!! Shouldn't of even had a rider on at that age!!
Just goes to show that even professional horse dealers get conned! It's a good job i ride for him though, he gets me to ride all of his horses before anyone else - his 7 year old daughter wanted to ride this mare, she could've been killed!

It was a very serious situation but i can laugh over it now as the mare is in safe hands and no-one got hurt ( i only got a few bruises though it hurt ALOT! )

And on a lighter note, her's one that i managed to stay on lol..........

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