Hornworms weirded me out...


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So I have had these hornworms for around 2 weeks...there were some small ones in there, but now they look like something out of a cheesy 70's horror movie....I'm seriously weirded out by them...

So my question is, these worms are WAY too big to feed to any of my chams, so....what now?

No one knows what to do with these big suckers?

I can't let them go, no reason to allow them to pupate...the moths would also be too big for my chams... no reason to keep them, as it will be awhile before I would have a cham big enough to eat one without choking....I mean...seriously... they are 4-5 inches long, and as fat as my thumb...it's a bit unnerving...

Should I just make my husband kill them Red Queen style??
Mine got huge. I think the moths are smaller than the chams and would be edible at least by the males.

I tried to feed a heiffer sized hornworm to my female today but she spit it out. She ate a slightly smaller one with no issue. I was hoping to feed them off sooner but she picked this week to lay and they got way too big while she was fasting. I think they're SO effing cute though I wish I could keep them as pets.

I hate hornworms they are gross. they crap too much and grow too fast. they smell just not worth the trouble
The birds will eat them for sure!!! Careful thou, if horn worms aren't native to your area and you let them loose the sphinx moth will ravage the garden community the following year. 1 Horn worm can destroy a tomato plant in a matter of hours.
I use their droppings to fertilize my plants, works like a charm :D

If you only have one cham you are better off picking up silkworms as they don't seem to grow quite as fast, at least for me. They will however still get quite big.
I'd offer them to your biggest guy anyway. My 6-7 month olds finish off a large hornworm without much fuss. They won't even shoot at it if they don't think they want to deal with it. Remember that hornworms are all squish, so chewing them is easy.
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